Nicole Lee, senior editor at Engadget, is on the show today. She and Tom talk about what Twitter is up to with the back-to-back acquisitions of Cover and Gnip.

Daily Tech News Show - Apr

Daily Tech News Show - Apr. 15, 2014

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  • Twitter announced today it has agreed to acquire Gnip, a company that filters and sells structured datasets, culled from the so-called Twitter firehose of data. Gnip also packages data from other social networks like Tumblr and Disqus, and sells managed API access to services like Facebook. Twitter intends to continue to make data available to Gnip’s current customers and will leave the team in its location in Boulder, Colorado.

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  • TVsEgon posted the Boy Genius Report article with exclusive photos of an alleged prototype Amazon phone. The device in the images is covered in a protective shell meant to obscure its design and BGR says it blocked or obscured some other parts of the phto. But what can seen is— a black— square. With a screen. And a headphone jack. BGR reasserts information from sources who say the phone’s big feature will be a 3D display that thanks to multiple cameras that track your eyes, will not require glasses.

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